GLBasic Showroom


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New 3D-Blocks

new3dblocksmini.pngA Blockout Clone (Tetris 3D). Controls are Q, W, E, A, S, D und Shift.

A1UP Penguins Are Mean

Asobitech 1UP #09 - 09/Mar/12. Collect all the bones in the maze, but watch out for the mean penguins that want to throw you. Use fish to distract them. Mac OSX version available website. 52 games in 1 year, a new game every Sunday (approx).a1uppenguinsaremeanmini.png

Mappy tilemap loader

mappytilemaploadermini.jpgLoad and display tilemaps made with Mappy

A1UP Lightrider

Asobitech 1UP #08 - 29/Feb/12. Ride the light beams to escape the star, watch out for crates that will push you back. Mac OSX version available website. 52 games in 1 year, a new game every Sunday.a1uplightridermini.png

A1UP Typop

a1uptypopmini.pngAsobitech 1UP #07 - 19/Feb/12. Type the letters in the bubbles to pop them, don't miss out any. Careful not to type the letters in the urchins. Mac OSX version available website. 52 games in 1 year, a new game every Sunday.

Sprite Speed Tester II

This sprite speed tester has been updated to allow various GLBasic graphic commands to affect how the program displays the sprites, allowing you to see what things look like with and without anti-aliasing and the different alpha levels. The program now includes the Linux version. In addition, if rotation and scaling is OFF, you can select whether to use DRAWSPRITE or POLYVECTORspritespeedtesteriimini.png

Top-iT (London Edition)

topitlondoneditionmini.jpgI first seen this game concept in 1981 on my Commodore Pet (Text only) and again years later with added graphics on my Amiga. So take in some of the London sights as you take on your computer in this tactical little brainteaser. Single player, PC only. As this is my first completed GLBasic game, some constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Pseudo 3D Track

This program is intended to show concepts described at Lou's Pseudo 3d Page ( and produces a very simple pseudo 3D track pseudo3dtrackmini.png


localisationmini.pngThis program is designed to enable easier language translation of text associated with a key.


A very simple but nice looking demo of some cubes going downstairs.Cubiesmini.jpg

Runner 1.77

runnermini.jpgRunner ist ein kleines Geschicklichkeitsspiel. Sammel alle Bomben in der vorgegeben Zeit ein und finde die versteckten Bonusteile. Viel Spaß! Runner is a small game of skill. Collect all the bombs in the given time and find the hidden bonus parts. Have fun!

Legendary Quest of Sandor Rozsa X-Mas Special

Legendary Quest of Sandor Rozsa - X-Mas Special is a small challenge teaser for an upcoming 2D sidescroller game by Puli Games, an independent gamedevelopers' alliance. In this challenge you control Sandor the rascal at Christmas time. The constables gathered all the adornments for themselves, your task is to take them back and put it on the tree. As an extra, you can rebuild the snowman by finding the snowman's parts. Controls: CTRL or SPACE to throw snowball, left and right arrow keys to move around, up und, ...legendaryquestofsandorrozsaxmasspecialmini.png


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