GLBasic Showroom


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pokermini.pngGame Poker Casino

Black Sun

This is a link to video, from Black Sun Beta 0.1, is a classical space ships games for WIZ and Iphone.

Guichan Main Demo Program

guichanmaindemoprogrammini.jpgThis is a preview of Guichan's GUI system running in GLBasic. The GUI is multi-platform and with the GLBasic interface system should be easy to use. Included is the Windows version only. Note that this isn't finished yet - keyboard use is being processed too fast at the moment


Load and use 2D AC3D models as if they were simple SPRITEs. This gives you access to real vector graphics in 2D. Update: Can use polylines and draws these using POLYVECTOR. That way you can have the glowing-lines as in "GeometryWars" for FREE! Update (V0.97): Collisions on rotated objects possible, faster for iPhone. AC3DPolymini.png


beatboxmini.pngThis is a first preview image of my little BeatBox pattern sequencer.

Create SHA-2 digest from a file

This program allows you to create a SHA-2 512-byte block digest from the contents of a file. Contains Windows, Mac and Linux executables + the source code for the main project only. createsha2digestfromafilemini.jpg

Box2D interface in GL Basic

box2dinterfaceinglbasicmini.pngExample using a simple interface with the "REQUIRE" command to compile Box2D into the GL Basic program. All graphics drawn by using ROTOSPRITE. Updated with ability to use mouse to manipulate objects. Source is also included in the zip-file.


Hello, People. This - not Inline or DDgui. Only - GLBasic (polyvectors and alphamode) Enjoy. audio_explorermini.gif


blix2mini.jpgClone game Blix


A simple program to play the game of life. A program that simulates life in a simple way. A cell dies when it has less then two neigbouring cells or more then 3. It lives with 2 or 3 cels and a birth occurs with exectly 3 neigbouring cells. All this at the same time. It's intended for use with the GP2X-WIZ but i inserted a windows program too. The windows program has for a new field.lifemini.png

Sprite Speed Tester

spritespeedtestermini.jpgI wanted to see how well GLBasic could plot 1000 rotating and scaling sprites - hence this program. Whilst not a good indicator of how well GLBasic can do everything, it shows how efficient 2D stuff seems to be done. I've compared it (using my Vista x64 machine) to a certain other programming language and GLBasic is around 29% faster (55FPS V 16FPS) Windows, Mac and Linux executable programs included, along with the source code - although I haven't seen what the results are like on the latter two een ...

iPhone Touch Feature Example

Just a quick demo to show how to use the touch functionality of the iPhone. Demo shows multi-touch sizing (pinching), rotation and positioning.iphonetouchfeatureexamplemini.png


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