GLBasic Showroom


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samplemachinemini.pngMultiTouch Test für iPhone


An arcade puzzler with colourful graphics, a simple premise, but a tricky beast to master. Place the tiles in a race against the clock, but beware - mistakes can be costly!tritanglemini.png

Manic Miner Silver Anniversary Edition

manicminersilveranniversaryeditionmini.pngA remake of the classic game, with smoothed out movement, updated graphics and sounds, multiple speed settings, and numerous sets of levels to play.


A retro shooter with vector graphics, simple gameplay, and an arcade feelgwanmini.png

Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau

dangermouseintheblackforestchateaumini.pngA cartoon adventure with simple puzzles for children to solve. The game is a remake of the ZX Spectrum game of the same name. This was placed 3rd in the GL Basic coding competition. Versions available for Windows, Linux and the GP2X

DuoWIZ - Pong

A Pong Game for 2 players for the gp2x Wiz. One player uses the D-Pad, the other player uses the x and y buttons. Theres also a windows and a gp2x version (not tested) in the game folder, but the game is meant to be played on the wiz because it has the perfect button design and display for such a multiplayer mode. Have Fun! :)duowizpongmini.gif

Paper Plane 2

paperplane2mini.pngMy Second Game.. It's written mainly for the GP2X WIZ.But here is a WIN version. In this Game the goal is to get to the other side of the rooms, without touching any of the furniture, enemies, planets, etc.


This was my first attempt to create an engine for global strategy games. The code went quite disastrous and I decided to abandon it. Maybe someone can use the map-generator. Right mouse button: generate new map.

Boulder Dash Clone



CartoonWiz (Für WIZ und PC) Ziel des Spiels: -Versuche in 60 Sekunden alle Plasmabälle auf dem Bildschirm zu entfernen. Regeln: -Über Bande mit dem Spielball einen gleichfarbigen Plasmaball treffen. Der Plasmaball löst sich auf -Hat der Spielball eine andere Farbe als der über Bande angespielte Plasmaball, so nimmt der Spielball die Farbe des Plasmaballes an. (Nochmal über Bande angespielt... und Zack ist er weg!!!) -Wird kein Plasmaball über Bande getroffen, gibt es einen Strafball -Sinird ...cartoonwizmini.jpg

GPS for Windows Mobile

gpsforwindowsmobilemini.jpgThis Program offers GPS positioning for GLBasic programs on Windows Mobile devices (version 5.01 or higher). It's a simple 1 function wrapper to the GPS API.


Managet den Download Cache von UT2004. Verschiebt und benennt die Dowloaddateien um. Löscht den Cache. Erstellt Log datei, CSV Datei (Ideal um z.b. mit Planmaker, Exel...,die Aktionen/Datei zu verwalten.) Optional: -nosound -nolog -kill -nocsv Mehr INfo und Download auf meiner Homepage Wurde mit der "S-UT-C.exe" erweitert: Reines Konsolenprogramm ut2k4_cachemanagermini.png


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